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Unique Key Features

Fitting in allows you to blend in with everyone else, but being different allows you to be yourself, to be unique and to be more innovative.

Enterprise Ready

Selenoid is equipped with all the essential tools that can be used to offer support to enterprise customers who have various risk profiles and special business needs.

AI Based

Selenoid evaluates fundamental execution patterns and execution history to reveal the possibility of failures, hot spots, usability issues and customize aplication wait times.

Auto Healing

The execution will auto heal in case of unexpected system alerts or elements getting delayed to load due to network latency. However, it will be recorded as an incident.

Intelligent Wait Times

It is outdated to carry out wait times hard coding. You can now strategically manage wait times with the use of an integrated AI algorithm. An evaluation of previous execution patterns helps to model the timeouts.

Instant Notifications

Selenoid provides you with instant notifications regarding upcoming execution, failures, and execution overview. Every crucial piece of information is passed to you on time.

Multilingual Reports

Selenoid generates Analytic reports in several languages to ensure that clients from different languages can easily comprehend the reports. We are in the process of incorporating more languages.

Version Independent

Selenoid designs scripts that are not dependent on a particular version. We also offer timely support for upgrading or downgrading of scripts.

Seamless Integrations

It is easy to integrate Selenoid with multiple tools, including Jenkins, Test Link, Jira, Docker, Git, HPALM, etc.

Edit Test Data

You can easily customize and edit test data with a Selenoid User Interface. You can also upload your test data in excel form or CSV.

Mobility Ready

You can download the Selenoid mobile App and enjoy excellent convenience testing and monitoring of your application.

One click to restore env

With just one click, Selenoid will preserve and salvage QA env. This is an exciting feature, as you will not create test data repeatedly after every release.

Fully CI/CD Ready

Selenoid is fully equipped for CI/CD with integration of deployment tools like Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, Azure DevOps, Atlassian Bamboo, CircleCI etc.

Global Stats

Selenoid offers excellent convenience to multinational enterprises. Such companies will be able to evaluate the application’s quality index in different countries from a central location.

Auto / On Demand Execution

An automated execution can be enabled onset times or depending on deployment. Depending on your requirements, you can also enable an ad-hoc execution.

Cloud based

Selenoid is cloud-enabled, and this means that you do not need additional software. A quick login in the App or website gives you instant access to all features. You can also host Selenoid in a client’s network.

Logs and Screenshots

Logs and screenshots are also recorded during execution, and you can access this any time once you login to your Selenoid account.

Execution Videos

During every execution, videos are recorded, and you can access them any time and use them to check for quality, train users, and improve.

Highly Scalable

Scalability is one of Selenoid’s strongest features, and you can carry out 1000+ tests at the same time in multiple browsers, tablets, phones, machines, OS, etc.

Coding Languages

For ease of use, Selenoid supports popular programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Ruby etc.

Execution Scheduler

With Selenoid, you can plan your execution well ahead of time. Selenoid will execute those planed test suites as scheduled and will keep you informed about the status.

Parallel Tests

Selenoid lets you carry out parallel tests on phones, tablets, machines, different browsers, and tests. Each session will be monitored and captured uniquely by Selenoid until it's over.

Realtime Analytics

Business users get quality insights or can draw conclusions immediately after the execution. Our quick analytics report tool provides you with tends, graphs, pie charts, and a comprehensive report in a second or two.

With Realtime Analytics, a business manages to act quickly and minimizes delays in reporting defects.

What this means is that Selenoid can execute voluminous data, ate reduced response times, and high velocity.

Automate Your Test Cases Flawlessly!

We innovated our own custom locator to identify the html uniquely by using standard html element attributes.

Thanks to our AI built in algorithm which gives best possible combination of the attributes to find html elements uniquely.

Not only that, Selenoid is capable to find elements having dynamic ids uniquely too.

Don't just take OurWord for it, see whatit in Action.

In CI/CD, One issue that most people face is not knowing the exact time that a failed scenario occurred, and this hinders reproducing.

Don’t worry, we record video of each execution running in parallel even in headless mode . So, that you can just play it and observer the step where actually the scenario failed.

You can also submit the video to your team to help them come up with strategic steps for reproducing.

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